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  1. Notas de 4, Notas de four, Notas de cuatro, Notas de quatre.
    Jonathan Lewis in the violin, Jorge Villena in the guitar, Ahmed Hodelin percussions and Silvia Temis vocals. "Le di tanto" lyrics by Ahmed Hodelin
  2. Y Solo se me ocurre amarte
    "INFUSION" - The World-Flamenco Ensemble performs Alejandro Sanz's song called "Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte" from his MTV Unplugged album. This concert of Infusion was filmed in Calgary, Canada at Wine-Ohs Cellar.
  3. Carmen Romero "Y Entonces"
    Incredible experience working for this fantastic show "Y entonces"
  4. Sketches de Solea y CaƱa
    Liron Man in toque and Silvia Temis cante Video and audio by Luis Tovar
  5. Flamenco Festival in Calgary 2015
    Singing for Fiona Malena Ensemble.
  6. Triana Project, Supermarket Kensington Market 2014
  7. Notas de 4 Roses and lilies
    Benjamin Barrile Collaboration
  8. What it wasn't it wont be
    Benjamin Barrile collaboration for Notas de 4
Manish Pothen
Hamid Karimi

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